//okay, so I am only online quickly but I needed to say this:

Toppdogg are having ANOTHER comeback??? I LOVE Toppdogg, they are my favourite band and are my babies but they need a rest and EvoL need to have their comeback. Stardom :( why???

That being said I really like the sound of their new song…but yeah I needed to say my bit

//sorry guys…I’ve been having a few personal issues but I should be back again soon. Once again I miss you all ♡♡

P.s I’m really liking MadTown recently…anyone else like them?

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people taking it on a whole new level…

first of all, instagram is filled with pics with cropped logo and shitty filter applied, second, some people make this editing as a hobby and gaining followers, and if they stated…

ok i’m a fansite master of td and i have a long story to add but basically jihoops has it.  first of all to playground i don’t get why people think you’re not allowed to take pictures of idols?  there is no copyright law over an idol’s image in korea.  second of all why do we care?  cuz we spend all our time and money on these photos and donate them to the public viewing so common courtesy should tell u to at least respect our rules….

my camera costs a little under 1000 dollars and frankly its a lower end model and the lens i use costs 3000 dollars.  lets take fansigns first cuz most ppl really love those moments from fansigns.  every fansign of td costs 100 dollars or so to get a guaranteed seat and i think the purple album had like 7 or something idr and the deluxe edition has 5….not to mention the travel costs which can be up to 80 or so extra to that cost.  thats only fansigns tho which is like 25% of all the events.  then u have wapop which costs 120 dollars each time and thats 3 to 4 times a month.  the dream concert where td performed one song costs 250 dollars per ticket.  i also went to japan and attended both showcases.  this hobby costs over a thousand dollars per month just for events in korea when they are promoting and for these country schedules where sometimes we wait overnight in a train station cuz there’s no way back to seoul by the time td finishes singing a song or two and then drives away, each of these can be up to 100 each.  and sometimes i only had a few or even not a single photo from the event cuz of so many circumstances (thankfully the last one only once).

if u ever dabbled in photography u would know that a common 70-200mm telephoto is pretty much useless after the first two rows in a usual concert setting.  well unfortunately there’s no fansite master nim stamp in my passport so that means that, every time, we all have to come really early to wait for hours for the best seat or sometimes, find that actually the first rows are already taken and then u gotta get a seat thats alr occupied by someone.  somehow we always manage to do it.

the pictures we put online after all this is FREE for u to view.  for me i allow ppl to edit my pics on tumblr but i asked them to credit me.  i do that because im the one who spent all the money and sweat on this photo which you can casually photoshop into some cool edit in your spare time.  i feel like i deserve a mention for my hard work.  so i guess thats how “a million girls screaming at u” also feel when one thinks that their couple of hours eating chips and photoshopping when their parents left the house is more important than the lifestyle i’ve made for myself providing them with their material.

if u think the basic respect we ask of u guys is irrational u don’t have to enjoy our photos at all….

this goes for any fandom and any fansite.  u need to respect the person who gives u these pics FOR FREE no matter what their view is.  sorry if u take this harsh but u asked for clarification….there u go



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dark & wild II wild & young

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B-Joo on Hansol: “Hansol doesn’t have any bad points, but if I have to pick he’s really noisy. His laughter is the sound of a witch laughing. It’s not the kind of laugh that you can express in words. He got abs just because he laughs too much. Ideally when you think of men, their abs should be like a turtle’s. But his abs location is more on the upper part. When you take off almost all his clothes you can see it.”

Hansol on B-Joo: “B-Joo is my favorite member. He’s my best friend. His personality is very lively so he’s a natural mood maker. He’s also good at body gags and his voice is also nice. He looks handsome, with his slightly droopy eyes that noonas seem to like, which can wake their maternal instinct.”