so… as i’ve seen on several other SNS, as a loyal member of the Topp Dogg fandom, this is for all those so calledTopp Klass" that are bitching and moaning about the MV for Peekaboo, that it’s:

"…such an extremely disappointing low-budget, cheap, pointless, poor…

Just let the whiny bitches moan about it. All that matters is the ToppKlass that actually enjoy it and can understand the fact that this MV is just them rapping and that’s all. No distractions, no bullshit, just a raw rapping MV. Sometimes an MV doesn’t need to be sparkly and glorified to be a great MV. 

First day at Disney!! So pretty ♡♡

//just about to take off! Disney World Florida, here we come!!! Update when I can :)

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stage presence 101: a guide by kim hansol 

//holy crap they are making a ‘Peekaboo’ MV??!!! I am literally shaking rn!!!!!!


yes drag him
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Images of the flooding currently taking place in Busan, South korea

245 millilitres of water or more have so far fallen on the city and 270 millilitres in nearby Changwon with more heavy rain explected in the week triggering flooding and landslides. Apparently four people have been killed so far and five are missing.

A landslide crushed a senior citizen’s centre though apparently with no casualties and 400 pupils had to be evacuated from the roof of Yangduk Girl’s Middle School - reports say all students are safe

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